Cantrip THC Sodas & Seltzers

Five unique flavors. Multiple different doses. Whether you're new to the weed experience or a cannabis connoisseur, Cantrip has a cannabis-based THC drink for everyone.




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Blackberry Lavender

Snappy fruit and a sweet, earthy pop. 5MG THC per can.

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Lemon Basil

Slightly tart, with a balancing herbal twist. 5mg THC per can.

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Ginger Peach

Mellow sweetness and a zesty buzz of spice. 3 MG THC + 2 MG CBD per can.

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thc sodas

Orange Soda

Sweet, bright, and juicy. 5 MG THC per can.

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Root Beer

An old favorite with an imaginative twist. 5 MG THC per can.

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